How do we work?

Funimascot, How do we work?
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Funimascot offers value, we identify needs and adapt the price of our mascots for different finishes and prices.

It’s vital to understand clearly how the mascot will be used, what the spectators of performances expect and the image our customers want to transmit. We want your marketing campaign to be a success, and we want to achieve the ultimate objective of creating loyalty to your products or business.

A mascot is not a costume. For this reason we believe we are an adequate partner because we understand perfectly what our customer wants.

We always work with logos or designs supplied by the customer, as well as presenting our own ideas, or adapting the image of our customer’s company to a mascot to be manufactured, working with three-dimensional recreations of their own mascot and with images sent during the process.

We also send a characterisation manual, with care and cleaning instructions to facilitate handling of the mascot, as well as post-sale service to ensure a long life for the product.

These are some of our customers:

Funimascot & Acuario de Sevilla Funimascot & Club Baloncesto Marbella Logo Ilunion Funimascot & Loops and Coffee Logo Lacasa Funimascot & Pola Park Santa Pola Funimascot & Fundación Jóvenes y Deporte Extremadura Funimascot & Tabuenca School

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